Putting people before technology

At OMRON, we believe in empowering people to lead healthy lives. That’s why we build devices that give people and healthcare professionals vital information about what’s actually going on inside the body. We aim to make a difference by providing the solutions that fit your health condition.


What you should know about our new wrist monitor...

Measure your blood pressure in style. This portable blood pressure monitor is extremely discreet. It's extra thin design and silent operation makes the RS6 easy to take - and to use - anywhere. Yet it's still packed with advanced features including irregular heartbeat detection and movement detection. All in all it's perfect for the active person who is always on the go.

Discover the RS6

We say 'All for Healthcare'

Omron Healthcare is a leader in medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. Our range of products includes blood pressure monitors, electronic fever thermometers, respiratory therapy devices, step counters and professional medical devices.

By looking beyond the technology, our real commitment lies in building healthy lives. We aim to provide a total healthcare management service, aimed at preventing and improving such increasingly common health problems as hypertension, respiratory problems, diabetes and obesity.

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