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Respiratory infections can affect upper and lower airways.

Children's activities can be frequently disrupted by respiratory infections. Did you know that children can have up to 8 respiratory infections per year?These infections affect nose and throat, also called upper airways, but can also be located deeper into the lower airways and into the lungs.

Can nebulizers help to treat upper and lower airway infections?

Nebulizers transform liquid medication into small droplets (aerosol) that can be inhaled. Inhalation can allow the medication start acting faster than taking pills or injections.2,3

For an inhaled medication to be most effective it should be targeted directly to the area that needs to be treated. To reach different target areas of the airway tract (for example upper and lower airways) a different droplet size of the medication is needed.2

Most regular nebulizers target medication delivery to the lower airways. This means that they are not optimized for treating the upper airways, where children often develop infections.4

OMRON A3 Complete

The OMRON A3 Complete is a fast and effective adjustable nebulizer that can deliver medication in less than 5 minutes.5

Thanks to its unique 3-in-1 nebulization kit this  innovative nebulizer can be used to treat upper airway infections such as common colds and rhinitis, and lower airway infections such as bronchiolitis, as well as other respiratory diseases such as asthma.

The OMRON A3 Complete can be used with a variety of prescription and non-prescription medication, including isotonic or hypertonic saline solution for the treatment of respiratory infections.

Why A3 Complete is the ideal nebulizer for your child?

  • 3 positions for targeted medication delivery
  • Efficient treatment  of upper and lower respiratory condition
  • Fast treatment in less than 5 minutes*
  • Can be used with a variety of medication, including isotonic or hypertonic saline solution. 
  • Ideal for children, since children may suffer up to 5 respiratory nfections a year

*Based on initial fill volume of 5.5 ml isotonic saline solution in position 1.  


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