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Weight management
Bf511 flagship


Extensive insight in your body composition

Extensive insight – proven accuracy

Our BF511 is Omron’s most comprehensive body composition monitor and provides extensive insight in body and visceral fat, skeletal muscle level, your BMI and resting metabolism. It is clinically validated* and classified as a medical device

*Accuracy of Bioelectrical Impedance Consumer Devices for Measurement of Body Composition  - Obesity Facts 20

Restingmetaboliscm bf511

Resting Metabolism - Your resting metabolism is the minimum number of calories needed to sustain you every day

Visceral fat bf511

Visceral Fat Level - Measure visceral (internal) fat levels at a glance enabling you to take steps to control it

BF511 Features

  • 8 Sensors

    Measurement with 8 sensors on both hands and feet for complete body measurement

  • Body Fat Percentage

    Using the Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) method, body fat is shown as a percentage of body weight

  • Clinically Validated

    The device has proven its reliability and accuracy under vigorous testing procedures by major health organisations

  • Skeletal Muscle

    Muscles attached to bones that move the body

Getting the balance right!

Keeping a healthy balance between fat, calories and energy is a major component in maintaining good health and weight. Fortunately, with the right information and a bit of support, it is not that difficult to implement

Find your balance

Weight Management

Omron digital scales enable you to measure and record your body weight to see how you are progressing towards your goal weight. If you want a more complete picture of your body’s condition than just weight, then a body composition monitor is invaluable. Used regularly, it calculates and records how your body is changing, ensuring you don’t lose body muscle when you’re trying to lose body fat.
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  • Bf511


  • Bf214


  • Bf212


  • Bf306 omron


  • Hn-289-family small


  • Hn288 personal scale omron


  • Hn286 personal scale omron





Advanced insight of your body composition

Get a complete picture of your body composition including body fat, visceral fat and BMI. Clinically validated, this monitor gives you high accuracy so you can measure your progress day by day.



Get your body composition quick and easy

This is probably the simplest way of checking your body fat, body weight and BMI. The BF214 will also give you readings on skeletal muscle for a complete overview of your body composition and it will even remember your previous measurement. It makes everything so much easier!





It couldn’t be simpler to check your body composition

This is probably the simplest way of checking your body fat, body weight and BMI.  It makes everything so much easier! All devices are clinically tested to ensure accurate results, helping you to track your body composition over time.




Bf306 omron

Quick insight

OMRON’s quickest way of measuring your body fat and BMI. It features a handy 9-user memory so can be used by a group of different people. With its sturdy design and software it can measure bodies of up to 199kg.


Hn-289-family small

Easy yet Stylish

With the HN289 Digital Personal Scale, weight measuring has just become more stylish.

HN289 Scales are available in four colors : Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Pink Blossom and Silky Grey.
HN-289-EB, HN-289-EBK, HN-289-ESL, HN-289-EPK


Hn288 personal scale omron

When small weight matters

Weighing yourself is relatively easy of course. But have you ever struggled to weigh other things on normal scales? Now, thanks to our unique ‘Weight Difference Technology’ it’s a cinch. You don’t have to calculate anything in your head or worry about the dial being obscured by the thing you’re trying to weigh. While four sensors incorporated into the design make sure every reading is reliable, up to 180kg. Extra large display (77 x 45 mm).


Hn286 personal scale omron

4-Sensor Technology ensures accuracy and reliability

Measuring changes in weight as small as 100g thanks to 4-Sensor Technology, this safety glass scale tells you even small changes in your weight on the large LCD screen.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you use a Body Composition Monitor if pregnant?

    Since Body Composition Monitors measure the electrical conductivity of the soft tissues of the human body, this conductivity (and thus the calculated fat %) may be influenced by the large amount of fluid a woman carries during her pregnancy.

    Secondly, since the weight of the pregnant woman is also significantly higher than normal, this may also influence the final estimation of the fat %.


  • I see that OMRON produces three different types of Body Composition Monitors, what are the differences? Is one better than the other?

    The three types are ‘hand to hand’, ‘foot to foot’ and ‘hands to feet’. In the ‘hand to hand’ method only the upper portion of the body is measured. These values can vary significantly during the course of the day. In the ‘foot to foot’ method the lower portion of the body is measured. As with the ‘hand to hand’ method, these values can vary significantly during the day. The ‘hands to feet’ method takes the whole body into account and therefore provides a more accurate measurement than the other two methods. Also, the value deviation during the day is much less compared to the other two methods.
    All three types provide an accurate picture of your Body Fat as well as the Body Mass Index (BMI). The possible differences between the three are minimal if one were to do a side by side comparison at any given time. Bear in mind that as with any monitoring procedure be it blood pressure, temperature or body composition – being consistent (= time of day), is the most important factor

  • I understand the Body Composition Monitors use an electric current to measure body fat. Is this electric current dangerous?

    OMRON Body Composition Monitors pass a very weak alternating current (50 kHz, 0.5 mA [milliamp]) through the body.

    This is absolutely safe.
    However, for wearers of electronic medical devices and implants (pacemakers, electrocardiograms, etc.), this current may cause a malfunction. This group of people is strongly advised NOT to use these monitors.

  • What is Body Mass Index?

    It is a measure for assessing a person’s body weight. Since overweight is a growing global problem, the Body Mass Index is used to point out the associated risks.
    However, BMI only provides a rough guide value and it is disputed since it does not take into account a persons build or the composition of the body weight in terms of fatty and muscle tissue, which vary by individual.

  • What is High Frequency Electrotherapy and how does it work?

    High frequency stimulation is effective for acute (nerve) pain and is said to be especially useful in the immediate blockage of pain transmission compared to low-frequency stimulation. A ‘High Frequency’ button is standard on the more feature rich models of the Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator (TENS)devices.

  • Why can a Body Composition Monitor not be used by body builders?

    The estimation formula in the device is based on a large study of 'normal' muscular subjects only. Body-builders were not included in this (validation) study. Therefore due to the different body-composition properties of body-builders, the indicated fat % may not be reliable.

    Secondly, OMRON Body Composition Monitors make an estimation of body fat %, based on a number of parameters:
    Electrical impedance (measured by the device)
    Height of the person (input by user)
    Weight of the person (input by user)
    Age of the person and (input by user)
    Gender of the person (input by user)
    If body builders were to measure their fat % by means of the BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) method, the large amount of muscle tissue and low water-content, the measured impedance will be relatively low and possibly unstable. However, since body-weight also contributes significantly to the calculation and body-weight is relatively high for body-builders, the final measured fat % will be too low and unstable and thus unpredictable.

  • Why should a Body Composition Monitor not be used when you have a cardiac pacemaker?

    Any Body Composition Monitor based on the BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) principle, sends a weak electrical current through the body. This electrical current cannot be sensed by a person, but a cardiac pacemaker may pickup the signal and could become unpredictable.

  • What is the sense of measuring visceral fat?

    Visceral fat = fat surrounding internal organs Too much visceral fat is thought to be closely linked to increased levels of fat in the bloodstream, which can lead to common diseases such as hyperlipidaemia and diabetes, which impairs the ability of insulin to transfer energy from the bloodstream and using it in cells. In order to prevent or improve conditions of common diseases, it is important to try and reduce visceral fat levels to an acceptable level. People with high visceral fat levels tend to have large stomachs. However, this is not always the case and high visceral fat levels can lead to metabolically obese. Metabolically obese (visceral obesity with normal weight) represents fat levels that are higher than average, even if a person’s weight is at or below the standard for their height.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact us via the email: omronhealthcare@htherapy.co.za