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The blood pressure monitor
that does it all for you.

Wrap it on. Press a button.
Start controlling your blood pressure.

Why monitor blood pressure?

It’s beyond easy.
It’s effortless.

No tubes. No wires. No hassle.

It’s as simple as pressing “START”. EVOLV measures your blood pressure in seconds, and syncs it to your phone— just sit back and let it get to work.

How is blood pressure measured?

Never second guess a reading.

Results you can rely on.

With standard cuffs, 1 in 3 people measure their blood pressure incorrectly. EVOLV’s Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology ensures 360˚ accuracy in any position around your upper arm¹.

Why does 360° Accuracy matter?

Your readings, and your health data, all in one place.

EVOLV can sync your readings to your smartphone—so you can track your results, monitor your progress, and get a deeper understanding of your health over time.
See how EVOLV gives you deeper insights into your health

Make sense of your readings.

Tune into your body in a whole new way.

On its own, EVOLV stores up to 100 readings. With the ‘OMRON connect’ app, you can view, backup, and track your blood pressure trends with ease.

'How does tracking my blood pressure help?'

Your health data—available anytime.

Take an active approach to understanding your health.

The ‘OMRON connect’ app helps you make sense of it all. You can track trends and monitor your progress. Easily share your data with Apple Health (iOS only) or export your results for use in other apps – and make managing your health data a natural part of your day.

The Simple, 4-Step, Set-Up.

Transferring your measurements is as easy as: pair, read, track.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Download the free app from the App Store or Google play.
  • Follow the in-app instructions to pair your device.
  • Take a reading and swipe your phone to sync your results. Can’t sync right away? No problem. EVOLV can store up to 100 readings in between transfers.
  • See your progress.

Own your health.

Measuring your blood pressure—at home, or on the go—has never been more convenient.

  • +

    Start Strong 8:00 AM

    Easy enough to tackle first thing in the morning.

    I get a later start than usual, but still take my blood pressure right before breakfast. I have my results by 8:05, finish eating by 8:15 and head off to work in time for my 9am meetings.

  • +

    Check Effortlessly 12:00 PM

    A part of my routine—not a distraction from it.

    My meetings wrap up around noon, and I take a few minutes before lunch to read my blood pressure again. EVOLV's all-in-one design make it convenient to carry around—so I have no trouble taking a reading—at or away from the office.

  • +

    Finish Well 9:00 PM

    New insights to end each day.

    Back at home, I take another reading—syncing today’s results to my ‘OMRON connect’ app. I notice my blood pressure’s been trending lower over the last month or so. I share the news with my husband, and make a note to show my health care practitioner.

When’s the best time to measure my blood pressure?
“ I have high blood pressure so need to monitor it regularly… My wife was suffering from breathlessness so I tried to measure her BP using the EVOLV. It kept giving an ‘Irregular heartbeat’… I took her straight up to A&E… The doctors said that her heart could have stopped without warning at any time. THE EVOLV HAS SAVED MY WIFE’S LIFE. ” Customer Testimonial by armchr  —  Boots
“ The evolv is super accurate, so easy to use and I felt good going for my last GP visit and pulling up my iPad with all the info easily readable and professional — worth every penny would definitely recommend. ” Customer Testimonial by mozzmick  —  Boots

Live forward with Zero Compromise.

At OMRON we believe that everyone, regardless of health, can live a more fulfilling life. In fact, we believe everyone has the right to a more fulfilling life. That’s why we created EVOLV, to inspire people to think differently about their life.
Live forward with Zero Compromise.
See how EVOLV came to be

The relentless pursuit of quality.

For over half a century, from our founding base in Japan, we’ve led the way in blood pressure monitoring. Each product revolution making it easier for people to take control of their cardiovascular health.

First we brought the blood pressure monitor into the home, and now EVOLV sets you free to measure and track your blood pressure when it suits you.

Take a look at our legacy lineup to see the evolution for yourself:


Monitor Less Invasively

Our first blood pressure monitor, HEM-1.


Monitor At Home

Checking your blood pressure shouldn’t require a hospital visit. With the invention of the HEM-88 home monitor—it no longer did.


Monitor Faster

With the World’s Fastest Measurement Technology–the HEM-757 broke records. Now, monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis was possible for even the busiest of lives.


Monitor Remotely

The HEM-SOLAR ran on solar power; giving people the opportunity to measure their blood pressure - even without access to electricity.


Monitor Effortlessly

After 10 years spent refining the concept, and 3 further years in development, EVOLV is redefining the blood pressure monitoring experience. With no tubes, no wires, and 360° technology—it’s a revolution in convenience and accuracy.

Share EVOLV with family & friends

Built to be seamless.

When we set out to design EVOLV, we set out to make the experience of monitoring your blood pressure seamless. We made the unit lighter and more compact—without making it noisier. We built new software to reduce the time it takes to get a reading. And we spent 10 years ensuring that EVOLV was accurate—when worn in whichever direction is comfortable for you around your upper arm1.

Read the interview with Head Designer Tsuyoshi Ogihara
Make monitoring your blood pressure a seamless part of your day.