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When is the best time to measure my blood pressure?

Last updated on: 07 September 2017

If you have high blood pressure and are monitoring your blood pressure at home, it is generally recommended to measure your blood pressure at least twice per day at the same time each day: preferably in the morning before taking your medication and in the evening before a meal.

When measuring your blood pressure, two measurements should be taken 1–2 min apart 1, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Your results should be recorded immediately or uploaded to your smartphone if using a connected device.

Please take the following conditions into account when measuring your blood pressure results:

Rest: You should have 5 minutes rest, 30 minutes without smoking, caffeine or eating a meal. No excessive alcohol should be consumed.

Sit appropriately: Legs should not be crossed and both feet should be placed on the ground You should be in a seated position with your back supported and arm supported

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