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Why should I track my blood pressure?

Last updated on: 07 September 2017

There is evidence showing increased blood pressure control in patients with high blood pressure that regularly monitor their blood pressure at home 1.

Especially if you belong to a specific patient group, tracking your blood pressure over time can be helpful. For example:

  • Some people are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease than others. (e.g. diabetic patients or pregnant women). For these patients, it may be important to monitor their blood pressure closely to make sure that they do not increase their risk any further.

  • With people starting a new treatment, tracking blood pressure can be helpful for patient and doctor to make sure that the treatment is effective. This can confirm whether the patient is on the correct medication to manage their blood pressure.

  • Some people may only have high readings at the doctor’ s office but not at home (‘White Coat Hypertension’). Other may have low readings in the doctor’s office but high readings at home (‘Masker Hypertension’). By tracking blood pressure over a period of time, these patients can be identified and diagnosed more accurately.

  1. Cappuccio, Francesco P., et al. "Blood pressure control by home monitoring: meta-analysis of randomised trials." Bmj 329.7458 (2004): 145.