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Heartscan ecg

HeartScan HCG-801 ECG Monitor

Screening & self-monitoring of cardiac events

ECG Management on the move

Heart problems don’t happen on cue. They can occur anywhere, anytime and your doctor probably won’t be there. But they would like to see a reading of the event – it can help them diagnose serious problems and monitor medication. If only you could record it. Unfortunately, carrying around a large ECG monitor is not an option. Even if they were lighter and smaller, they’re slow to set up and very complicated. Thankfully, OMRON has the solution.


Where can HeartScan be used?

The unique features of the HeartScan ECG Monitor make this a versatile multi-purpose tool for medical professionals. The cordless operation and direct on-screen display allows a quick-scan of the heart condition. Due to the compact design the device fits in a white-coat pocket or doctor‘s bag.

OMRON HCG801 HeartScan is a portable ECG recorder that fits into the palm of your hand. After many years of research we have condensed a complete ECG unit into a compact, ergonomic, standalone and user-friendly device that you can carry with you at all times. So how does it work? When you feel the symptoms of a heart problem – transient cardiac events – reach for the HeartScan and make a 30-second recording of your heart’s waveform, instantly and discretely.

The ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform. The single lead recording runs for 30 seconds and includes a multilevel display of deviations from the norm as well as the date and time of the recording, the heart rate and the short cut analysis. 


  • Portable and compact
  • The ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm and the ECG waveform
  • 30 seconds measurement
  • Direct review of results on clearly readable, high resolution screen with backlight
  • Cordless (no need to wear electrodes, no difficulties with cables)
  • Very user-friendly, PC download through SD memory for 300, date and time stamped, measurements
  • Includes internal analysis software (13 analysis codes) to show the results directly to the user
  • OPTIONAL: ECG Viewer Software and cardreader