Walking Style One 2.1
Walking Style One 2.1
Walking Style One 2.1
Walking Style One 2.1

Walking Style One 2.1

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    2 Year Warranty

Research indicates that 10.000 steps a day helps ensure long-term health and reduces chronic disease risk. The Walking style One makes it simple to accurately keep track of your daily step count. The Walking style One 2.1 will also track the calories you have burned along the way and shows your more active (brisk) steps next to your normal walking routine.

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    2 Year Warranty


Accurate 3D sensor
Daily steps
Activity kCal counter
Aerobic step counter
Belt Clip
Weight (kg)
Item dimensions (mm)
75 x 8 x 31

What's in the box

  • Walking Style One 2.1 Step Counter
  • 1x CR2032 Battery (installed)
  • Belt Clip
  • Instruction Manual


2 years after date of delivery in accordance with the Warranty Card or the Instruction Manual inside the product packaging.


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Instruction manual


Actually sensitivity and accuracy are linked. For a Step Counter to accurately count steps it needs to know your stride (distance between steps). As you can imagine, this figure becomes the basis for counting. This is why it is critical to follow the Instruction Manual when entering your stride.

Correct positioning includes placing in your pocket, attaching the unit to your belt or the top of your shorts or pants. Most models have a clip or a strap, it is important to also secure the strap or clip on your clothing to avoid losing the device. 

The initial stride length value that blinks on the display is an estimated stride length calculated from the height setting.

Set the actual stride length to use based on the type of walking you will do and your own physique. To measure the correct average stride length, divide the total length of ten steps you walked by the number of steps (e.g.7.8 meter divided by 10 steps = 78 cm).

The Walking style Pro 2.0 comes with a USB connection. Please visit www.bi-link.omron.com for downloading the software. Bi-LINK Online Health Management Platform will allow you to download, view, track and print your Step Counter data. If you own one of the PC Compatible OMRON Blood Pressure Monitors, the same software can be used to capture your blood pressure readings.

If your device features Bluetooth Smart you can use "OMRON connect" on your smartphone. Go to http://omronconnect.com for details. If your device requires a USB cable you can use Bi-LINK Health Management. Details can be found at bi-link.omron.com

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