OMRON presents WheezeScan, the world’s first wheeze detection device to help children with asthma

A crucial breakthrough in the field of pediatric asthma management, WheezeScan helps parents of young children detect wheezing -a clear indicator of an upcoming asthma attack- and take action.

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. OMRON Healthcare – a global leader in clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy – presents WheezeScan, the world’s first clinically validated device to detect the presence of a wheeze in young children. WheezeScan’s dependable accuracy provides parents, doctors and caregivers the ability to discern if a child is wheezing – subsequently providing the confidence and clarity over next steps that will need to be actioned in line with a child’s treatment plan.

Wheezing is a whistling or rattling sound on the breath and is the most common symptom of asthma in children under the age of 51. Despite this, at least 44% of parents struggle to clearly identify wheezing sounds before the onset of an asthma attack2. This can be for a number of reasons, including:

  • The prospect of a looming asthma attack causes anxiety and hesitation
  • Wheezes don’t always sound the same3
  • Children are too young to articulate what they’re experiencing

WheezeScan provides an objective assessment of the presence of wheezing, removing the guesswork, doubt and indecision enabling parents of children with asthmatic symptoms to confidently follow the doctor’s treatment plan.

WheezeScan has been intuitively designed for straight forward, accurate detection. Parents simply hold it below their child’s right collarbone for 30 seconds and wait for a “Wheeze” or “No Wheeze” identification. In addition, WheezeScan’s design is sleek and ergonomic, light and portable, allowing parents to have it with them at all times and remove any uncertainty in moments of breathing distress.

OMRON Healthcare’s WheezeScan advanced listening technology was designed to identify sounds in a child’s wheezing that parents may not be able to hear. A diaphragm of micron-width material detects low-volume wheezing. This, combined with an HD quality microphone, a built-in noise cancelling system, and a specialised on-board computer allows the device to provide a clear “wheeze” or “no wheeze” reading. In addition, a protective internal case ensures durability and long-term accuracy.

WheezeScan also pairs with its companion app, AsthmaDiary for mobile devices. The app keeps track of wheeze episodes, enabling parents to log data of potential trigger factors and response to medication, as well as identifying trends. What’s more, parents can then equip doctors with details about the frequency of wheezing episodes, allowing for more tailored development of control plans.

WheezeScan, which has already obtained European CE Mark, will be available online in the UK and Germany as part of OMRON Healthcare’s exclusive range of products, available on for GBP 149.99 and EUR 169.99, respectively. WheezeScan will be available to retail later in 2020.

Going for zero asthma attacks

OMRON Healthcare brought WheezeScan to life in recognition of asthma as a social burden. Parents want to be certain their child is having an asthma attack before exposing them to particular asthma medications and their potential side effects. Unfortunately, this “wait and see” approach risks missing early action that could prevent attacks. To address this, OMRON Healthcare’s WheezeScan provides parents a reliable and objective reading – cutting out the uncertainty.

According to Lucía Prada, Marketing Director of OMRON Healthcare Europe, “as a mother of two, I know how stressful it is having a sick child, and how powerless this can make you feel when you cannot figure out how to help them. WheezeScan was designed to give parents confidence in the adequate management of their children’s asthmatic condition. As the first step towards our Zero Asthma attacks vision, it brings into concrete action our vision to do everything we can to minimize the impact that asthma has on patients, and particularly children”.

André Van Gils, CEO & President of OMRON Healthcare Europe comments, “our Going For Zero promise tells us to do everything we can to enable people to get more out of life because they’re not controlled by their condition. With this in mind, we have developed the WheezeScan, which marks a new milestone in our quest to equip people with the best tools to achieve an accurate level of detection and monitoring when it truly counts. As the global leader in respiratory therapy, introducing preventative, highly portable healthcare technology to provide relief right when people need it, is amongst our biggest priorities”.

About OMRON Healthcare Europe

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