What is a blood pressure monitor?

Updated: August 2019

If you have high blood pressure, these devices can help you monitor your efforts to reduce it and can provide your doctor with additional, valuable information. If your blood pressure is normal, the monitors can help you reassure it remains healthy to prevent occurrences of stroke, hypertension and low pressure.

A blood pressure monitor consists of an inflatable cuff that wraps around your arm or wrist and a monitoring device that measures the cuff’s pressure. It’s important to relax and prepare before the measurement to ensure that your blood pressure readings are accurate and consistent. These preparations are not complicated and will very quickly become second nature.

All OMRON blood pressure monitors are clinically validated to ensure accuracy, and are equipped with the Intellisense technology for fast, comfortable measurements. Your monitoring routine will become a seamless part of your day with a number of features in our monitors, including irregular heartbeat detection, morning hypertension tracking, an LED positioning sensor and a cuff wrap guide. Some of the monitors come with an Intelli Wrap Cuff which ensures 360-degree accuracy no matter how the cuff is wrapped around your arm, and some can also be used with the OMRON connect and OMRON Health Skill for Alexa to track and share blood pressure readings.