What is a TENS machine?

Updated: August 2019

TENS pain relievers, also known as TENS machines, are small, handheld machines widely used by physiotherapists, pain specialists and other professionals. They use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology to relieve mild to moderate pain in your back, shoulders, joints and muscles.

TENS machines generate very low-voltage electricity which is transferred to pads attached to the affected part of your body. TENS helps to block pain messages to your brain, stimulates the production of endorphins – the natural painkillers secreted by your brain and nervous system - and improves blood circulation. Meanwhile, all you’ll be feeling is a tingling sensation and relief of the pain.

OMRON TENS machines provide you with drug-free pain relief. You can simply choose your treatment with one of the pre-set programmes for specific parts of the body and you can personalise your treatment using the customisable settings. With the variable settings available, you should start from a lower intensity setting until you feel that it’s having a beneficial effect whilst still comfortable.