What is a thermometer?

Updated: August 2019

Today’s digital thermometers have revolutionised temperature measurement and brought advanced medical technology to your bathroom cabinet. A thermometer should measure your core body temperature, which is the temperature of your heart, brain and other organs. This is usually measured in your ear because your eardrum temperature provides an accurate reflection of how warm your body is.

A pencil digital thermometer contains a metal probe with an electronic temperature sensor. The electronic control will translate the sensor reading to the body temperature. Body temperature can vary according to the time of day or the seasons, but the normal range is often considered to be between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees Celsius.

OMRON offers a range of in-ear, infrared (contactless), and pencil/stick thermometers. In-ear and infrared (forehead) models are particularly suitable for small children because they have a fast measurement feature. Some of these thermometers also have a large backlit display which is ideal for nighttime use. The pencil type can be used to measure temperature orally, rectally, or from the armpit.