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A3 Complete

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    3 Year Warranty

OMRON A3 Complete nebulizer provides the complete nebulization solution for a wide variety of respiratory conditions.

One single device can help you treat respiratory infections or chronic conditions of the upper and lower airways. This ranges from common cold infections or allergies to asthma or COPD.

For an inhaled medication to be most effective, it should reach the part of the airways that need to be treated. This is achieved by transforming the medication into an aerosol with different particle size.  Bigger aerosol particles will mainly be deposited to the upper airways, while smaller particles will be deposited to the lower airways.

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    3 Year Warranty

Features and cautions

  • Unique 3-in-1 adjustable nebulizer kit
  • Fast and efficient
  • Complete treatment of the upper, middle & lower airways
  • Allows for fast relief for upper airways
  • Small aerosol particles reach deep into the lungs


Nebuliser Type
Compressor Nebuliser
Targeted respiratory airways
Upper Airways - Blocked nose - Rhinitis - Allergic Rhinitis - Laryngitis, Middle Airways - Tracheitis - Tracheobronchitis, Lower Airways - Asthma - Bronchitis - Bronchiolitis - COPD
Age range
Child, Adult
Nebulisation rate
Position 1: 0.7 ml/min. Position 2: 0.5 ml/min. Position 3: 0.3 ml/min
Medication quantities
2-12 ml
Mains operation
Sound (dB)
65 dB
Particle size (MMAD)
Position 1: 10 μm. Position 2: 5 μm. Position 3: 3 μm
Weight (kg)
What’s in the box
A3 Complete Nebuliser,Nebuliser Kit,Child mask,Adult Mask,Air Tube,Nose piece,Mouth piece,Instruction manual
Shopping USPs
Item dimensions (mm)
130 x 190 x 215

What's in the box

  • A3 Complete Nebuliser
  • Nebuliser Kit
  • Child mask
  • Adult Mask
  • Air Tube
  • Nose piece
  • Mouth piece
  • Instruction manual


3 years after date of delivery in accordance with the Warranty Card or the Instruction Manual inside the product packaging.


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