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OMRON Healthcare Supports #StrokePreventionDay 14 Jan 2022

London, UK. 14 Janruay, 2022 - OMRON Healthcare (OMRON), a global leader in health monitoring and therapy, is again supporting the UK Stroke Association’s annual Stroke Prevention Day on January 14th, urging the public to make one small change to their lifestyle to reduce their own risk of stroke. This is the second year that OMRON has supported the day. Read more


Hoofddorp, Netherlands. November 22, 2021 - OMRON Healthcare Europe announced that David Menko has been appointed as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer effective December 1st. David Menko succeeds André van Gils who steps down as CEO for Europe and will continue to lead the global organization in his role of Senior General Manager Global Sales & Marketing HQ – Japan. Menko will also join the board of directors upon assuming the role. Read more

OMRON Healthcare aids NHS clinicians with groundbreaking remote patient monitoring platform for hypertension, OMRON Hypertension Plus

Hoofddorp, Netherlands. 23 March, 2021 - OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in health monitoring and therapy, presents today OMRON Hypertension Plus in the UK, a groundbreaking remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for hypertension, designed to help NHS clinicians to manage a patient’s medication plan remotely, based on the patient’s home blood pressure results. Read more

Nocturnal hypertension in Europe

Novel eFact Sheet presenting the full picture of Europe’s 150+ million cases of hypertension. Read more

OMRON Healthcare announces NightView – the world’s first wrist automatic nocturnal Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Brussels, Belgium, 8 March, 2021 - OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in health monitoring and therapy, today announces NightView, the world’s first* wrist home use automatic blood pressure monitor (HBPM) designed for night-time, sleep-based and daytime readings with clinically validated accuracy. Read more

OMRON Healthcare showcases heart health innovations at CES 2021

14 January 2021, London, UK - OMRON Healthcare and Patients Know Best, are supporting a new national campaign led by The Stroke Association, the UK’s leading stroke charity. #StrokePreventionDay on January 14th marks the start of the 12 week campaign to help people understand more about what they can do to reduce the risk of stroke, the fourth highest cause of death in the UK. Read more

OMRON Healthcare showcases heart health innovations at CES 2021

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands – OMRON Healthcare Co. proudly announces its presence at the very first ‘all digital’ CES 2021, from January 11 to 14. Among other breakthrough innovations, OMRON Healthcare will be showcasing VitalSight™, the new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) available in the U.S. Read more

Identifying asthmatic symptoms in very young children

Novel ePaper on the challenges parents and caregivers face with detecting asthmatic symptoms in young children, introducing ground-breaking technology, aimed specifically at identifying a wheeze in this age group. With a foreword from Dr. Sarah Jarvis, MBE. Read more

OMRON Strengthens Engagement with AliveCor with Series E Investment, Reinforces Cross-Company Alliance for Remote Cardiovascular Condition Management

KYOTO, Japan. November 18, 2020 – OMRON Healthcare, Co., Ltd. today announced its additional investment into AliveCor by its parent company, OMRON Corporation, as part of a $65 million series E funding for the leader in AI-based personal ECG (electrocardiogram) technology. Read more

OMRON blood pressure monitors receive award from Stiftung Warentest (German product testing foundation)

Mannheim, Germany. September 5, 2020 - Stiftung Warentest subjected 17 blood pressure monitors from various manufacturers to a detailed test for its 09/2020 issue. The OMRON RS7 Intelli IT wrist blood pressure monitor was the test winner within the category wrist blood pressure monitors, and the only one rated as “Good”. Read more

OMRON Healthcare presents Nami Cat, a nebuliser designed to appeal to young children

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. OMRON Healthcare Europe -a global leader in medical equipment for home health monitoring and therapy- presents Nami Cat, a joyful nebuliser designed to appeal to young children while delivering high-quality treatment. This child-friendly design resembles a cat, and so it helps children to enjoy a more comfortable nebulising experience and enables the adoption of nebulising treatment from an early age. Read more

OMRON presents WheezeScan, the world’s first wheeze detection device to help children with asthma

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. OMRON Healthcare – a global leader in clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy – presents WheezeScan, the world’s first clinically validated device to detect the presence of a wheeze in young children. WheezeScan’s dependable accuracy provides parents, doctors and caregivers the ability to discern if a child is wheezing – subsequently providing the confidence and clarity over next steps that will need to be actioned in line with a child’s treatment plan. Read more

29 September - World Heart Day:
OMRON Healthcare highlights importance of early detection and monitoring of AFib (Atrial Fibrillation) in hypertensive people and the elderly

London, 29 September 2020 – In support of World Heart Day, OMRON Healthcare Europe calls on the healthcare community, services and UK Government to emphasize the importance of atrial fibrillation (AFib) early detection and monitoring. AFib is one of the most frequent types of irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) and can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications. On average, those aged 55 and over face a lifetime risk of developing AFib of 37% across Europe, and research shows that the prevalence of AFib in people aged 65 years and older could almost double in the next 40 years1. Read more

Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

March 17, 2020 – OMRON is closely following the development of the coronavirus outbreak in the EMEA region and taking appropriate measures. OMRON adheres to the guidance from relevant authorities, the ECDC and the WHO. The safety and wellbeing of all our employees and relations is our highest priority. Read more

Omron Healthcare Agrees on a Comprehensive and Long-term Global Strategic Collaboration for Joint Research and Development with AstraZeneca PLC

November 14, 2019 – Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto, Japan, President and CEO: Isao Ogino; “Omron Healthcare”) announced that it has agreed with AstraZeneca PLC (Head Office: Cambridge, UK; CEO: Pascal Soriot) to enter into a comprehensive and long-term global strategic collaboration. Read more

[EVENT INVITATION] ESH's Annual Meeting and ESC Congress 2019

May 29, 2019 - OMRON Healthcare will proudly present the next generation in wearable blood pressure monitoring technology at ESH’s annual meeting and ESC Congress 2019. Read more

British Happier to Change Lifestyle to Combat High Blood Pressure Than Japanese, But Less Than Americans

May 21, 2019 - A higher proportion of people affected by high blood pressure from Germany and Spain are taking proactive steps to deal with their condition than UK nationals. Read more

Doctors Prove Cleaning Snotty Noses Improves Children’s Respiratory Symptoms

March 7, 2019 - Keeping the nasal cavity clean could play a role in preventing more severe lung complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma. Read more

OMRON Healthcare and iAPPS joint venture to provide Health Management Services for Businesses

February 28, 2019 – OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. and iAPPS Pte. Ltd. today announced the establishment of HeartVoice Pte. Ltd., a joint venture that provides health management services to businesses. Read more

OMRON unveils a new interactive blood pressure monitoring skill for Amazon Alexa

January 30, 2019 - Users can simply ask Alexa to compare blood pressure over time and flag higher-than-usual readings. Read more

RS7 Intelli IT, OMRON’s First Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Clinically Validated for Use in Obese Population

August 28, 2018 - Due to the fast-growing prevalence of obesity as a burden of cardiovascular risk, empowering obese people to make informed decisions about their health becomes critical. This is now possible with this new OMRON wrist blood pressure monitor, the clinical validation for use in obese population of which was announced at the ESC Congress 2018 in Munich. Read more

OMRON Healthcare Announces Acquisition of 3A Health Care S.R.L.

July 2, 2018 - OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in medical equipment for home health monitoring and therapy, announces the acquisition of privately-held 3A Health Care s.r.l., a leader in the development and production of specialized aerosol therapy devices and surgical aspirators. Read more

OMRON Healthcare Shares Hypertension Insights at ESH Congress 2018

July 2, 2018 - OMRON Healthcare teams up with clinical professors to share with physicians the latest blood pressure monitoring technology for patients with Obesity and Sleep Apnea. Read more

OMRON Healthcare Supports 'May Measurement Month', the Largest Global Public Blood Pressure Screening Programme Ever

June 28, 2018 - OMRON Healthcare has donated 20.000 blood pressure monitors to support May Measurement Month 2018 in recording blood pressure readings of millions of people in 100 countries and in fighting hypertension. Read more