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Respiratory Products

Discover our respiratory products for professional use (e.g. at hospitals and other healthcare facilities)

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Respiratory Products

CompA-I-R Pro

The NE-C900 CompAir Pro nebulizer features OMRON’s two-part Smart Structure™ kit making cleaning, assembly and disassembly easy, granting more time for direct patient care.

Benefits of using OMRON respiratory products

Efficient treatment of respiratory conditions

Helps to relieve respiratory symptoms

Can be used by all age groups


Respiratory products

The respiratory products are devices to help patients breathe easily. They are used to help treat upper, middle, and lower respiratory tract diseases.

When choosing a respiratory product, take into consideration the age of the user, the size of the particles, and the intensity of the usage.

OMRON’s wide range of respiratory products can help choose the right one according to your patient's needs. Whether on a fixed spot or portable, we have the right device for your patient.

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