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Cardiovascular Products

Discover our clinically validated cardiovascular products for professional use (e.g. at hospitals and other healthcare facilities).

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Blood Pressure Monitors


Automatic blood pressure monitor with single lead ECG

Benefits of using OMRON cardiovascular roducts

Helps to diagnose and monitor hypertension

Can help detect cardiovascular risk

A more complete picture of your heart health


Cardiovascular Products

OMRON understands the importance of accuracy in a clinical setting and that, oftentimes, a person’s road to a healthier life begins in the doctor’s office.

As a medical professional, you need the most precise readings possible to help diagnose, monitor and prescribe the right treatment.

That’s why OMRON puts as much care into designing and refining our medical equipment as you do into helping your patients.


At OMRON Healthcare we promise to help you minimize the impact of health conditions of your patients, so that they can live more fulfilling and active lives. Making sure you can recommend clinically proven medical devices for their home care – with zero compromise. Zero compromise on healthier lives. Read more about topics connected to this promise.

How home devices can support early detection of Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

When you’re looking after patients with potential heart problems, the speed of a diagnosis can make all the difference. That’s why using a home ECG or blood pressure devices can help you and your patient.

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Tackling health challenges from home

There is a drive in the NHS to help patients monitor hypertension and cardiovascular events from the comfort of home.

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Gender inequality in hypertension

Why cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills more women than men, and what can be done about it.

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