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Read on to find relevant information about electronic thermometers, or click on “see all” to discover the wide range of devices that OMRON has for you.

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Gentle Temp 720

The OMRON Gentle Temp 720 is our first digital forehead thermometer. Using highly accurate technology to measure the temperature of a forehead, surface or room – it’s hygienic, comfortable and very fast.

Why should I use a thermometer?

Know your body temperature

Fast and convenient reading

Can be used by all ages

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What is a thermometer?

A thermometer is a medical device that helps you take the temperature of your core, which is the temperature of your heart, brain, and other organs. OMRON offers you a range of accurate and reliable in-ear, infrared (contactless), and pencil/stick thermometers.

Ear thermometers’ accuracy is high because they can detect the infrared heat given off by the ear drum, providing you precise results. They must be used with probe covers on, but if it gets dirty, you can clean it with an alcohol cotton wet cloth. However, infrared thermometers are a great option for a fast, contactless reading.

Forehead thermometers can give you accurate results in just 1 second, and they can measure surface temperature, as well as a drink bottle temperature, such as a milk bottle for your baby.

How to use an OMRON forehead thermometer? Simply place the thermometer from 1 to 3 cm away from the body part or object to be measured, and press the start button. The result will appear automatically on the screen.

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