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OMRON connect

Intelligent tracking for a healthier heart

Greater knowledge, better health

The OMRON connect app accurately collects and consolidates the data from your OMRON device and tracking apps* to give you a clearer picture of your health and help you take better care of your heart. OMRON connect is free; you can access additional features and insights into your data with a premium subscription.

OMRON connect app

What you get with OMRON connect, for free

All your measurements at a glance

An intuitive, easy-to-follow dashboard that displays your average daily, weekly or monthly measurements with colour-coded results so you have an overview of your data and can immediately identify changes.

Downloadable reports to share with your doctor

Customisable PDF and CSV reports to download and share with your doctor at any time.

Connection with Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health

Sync the data from your favourite activity app with OMRON connect for an integrated view of your most important health data in one dashboard.

Set your health goals and track your progress

Set personal targets, like weight or blood pressure, and monitor your progress over time.

Insights and explanations on blood pressure reference values

Compare your actual measurements with the blood pressure reference values used by the European Society of Cardiology.

Understand your blood pressure and take control of your health

Connect your OMRON device and favourite smartphone activity app (Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health) to record your blood pressure, pulse, body fat, weight and activity levels. The easy-to-follow dashboard helps you make sense of your measurements, see trends in your data and feel more in control of your health.

Discover patterns in your health data, make lifestyle changes, and check your progress

See your measurements compared to recommended blood pressure ranges from the European Society of hypertension. With the intuitive dashboard, it’s easy to spot trends, track progress and build healthier habits over time.

Accurate data to support the conversation with your doctor

Track and safely store data from your OMRON device and activity app. Create customised reports as a PDF or CSV file and share them with your healthcare team whenever required. Having a reliable, integrated record of your data at your fingertips enables better conversations with your healthcare team.

OMRON connect Premium

Premium subscription for advanced features

Additional features exclusive to Premium help you take even better care of your heart. These include:

Medication tracking & customised reminders

Medication tracking and daily reminders help you take your meds on time and build healthier habits.

Health rewards

Using the tracking features you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

Richer insights into your data

Even more detailed, easy-to-understand insights into the data you record.

Premium report

Consolidated in-depth reports that can be automatically sent by OMRON connect to your healthcare team and loved ones.

The first month of your Premium subscription is free, and then you pay as little as £6,66 a month with an annual plan.

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* Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health.

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