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Nebulisers, Wheeze Detector and Oximeter

Read on to find relevant information about home nebulisers, or click on “see all” to discover the wide range of devices that OMRON has for you.

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Featured products
Nebulisers, Wheeze Detector and Oximeter


WheezeScan is designed to help parents detect wheeze in children with asthma symptoms.

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Why should I use a nebuliser?

Efficient treatment of respiratory conditions

Helps to relieve respiratory symptoms

One OMRON nebulizer for the whole family

Suitable for use with a range of medications

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What is a nebuliser?

Nebulisers are devices to help you breathe easily. They are used to help you treat upper, middle, and lower respiratory tract diseases. When choosing your nebuliser, take into consideration the age of the user, the size of the particles, and the intensity of the usage.

What does a nebuliser do for you?

Nebulisers can be used with prescribed medicines to open up your airways, or with saline solution to keep your nose clean and prevent mild symptoms from escalating into a severe lung condition.

There are different types of nebulisers:

Nozzle (generates compressed air with tiny particles), Ultrasonic (generates small particles through high frequency vibrations), and Mesh (generates aerosol of small droplets).

OMRON has the right device for you.

OMRON’s wide range of nebulisers can help you choose the right one according to your needs. Whether home-based or portable, nozzle, mesh (membrane) or ultrasonic, we have the right device for you.

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