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Digital Scales

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Digital Scales


OMRON VIVA is a Medical Device with Clinically Validated Accuracy of key parameters that allow you to better understand your heart's health (visceral fat, fat and skeletal muscle) and are proven to be predictive for cardiovascular events. 1

Why should I use a scale and body composition monitor?

Helps you reach your health and fitness goals

Helps you manage your weight with precision

Gives comprehensive view of your body composition

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What is a body composition monitor?

Monitors or scales?

Body composition monitors, also known as body composition scales, are devices that can help you obtain a complete picture of your body composition including body fat, visceral fat, and BMI. They are used to track your diet and health progress day by day and can help you prevent future diseases if you change your lifestyle on time.

How to use a body composition monitor

How to use a body composition monitor is simple: Just step up, and let the device take your weight and body composition. It is highly recommended that you take the measurement in the morning before you exercise, eat, drink, or take a shower for you to create a pattern and see your progress accurately. Some of the monitors have multiple profiles so they can detect the user who is taking the measurement.

How do scales measure body fat?

Body composition scales are based on the BIA (Bio impedance Analysis) principle, sending a weak electrical current through the body. This current cannot be sensed by a person, so you will not feel when is happening. Some of them can connect to the OMRON connect app, so you can receive the measurements on your phone and see your results over a longer period.

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