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Blood Pressure Monitors

5 years of warranty *

OMRON M2 is a clinically validated upper arm blood pressure monitor that gives you accurate readings at home. OMRON M2 has unique OMRON Intellisense™ Technology which automatically applies the right amount of pressure, preventing discomfort caused by overinflation of the cuff.

Accurate measurements in one touch

Intellisense Technology for soft inflation

Device Type Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Weight of Device 0.25
Cuff Type Medium Cuff 22–32 cm
Cuff Wrap Guide Yes
Memory management 30 Readings
Irregular Heartbeat Detection Yes
Body Movement Detection Yes
Validation Clinical Validation
AFib detection No
Easy High Blood Pressure Indicator No
Blood Pressure Level Indicator Yes
Advanced Positioning Sensor No
Intellisense Yes
Stroke Prevention No
Storage Yes
Averaging Function No
Connected No
Item dimensions (mm): 103 x 140 x 82

Accurate measurements in one touch

Just press the "Start" button to begin taking a reading, afterwards you'll see your blood pressure results on the screen.

OMRON Intellisense™ Technology

The Intellisense technology ensures comfortable and accurate blood pressure readings preventing unnecessary over-inflation of the cuff.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

The M2 can detect irregular heartbeat during your usual blood pressure monitoring.

Cuff Wrap Guide

The cuff wrap guide assists with correct cuff wrapping to obtain accurate measurements.

1 user x 30 memories

The M2 has 30 memories capacity.

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