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3 years of warranty

OMRON VIVA is a Medical Device with Clinically Validated Accuracy of key parameters that allow you to better understand your heart's health (visceral fat, fat and skeletal muscle) and are proven to be predictive for cardiovascular events. 1

Gives a more complete picture of your body’s condition

Clinically Validated results

Integrates with "OMRON connect" app

Device Type Body Composition Monitor
On/Off Technology Sensor Switch
Memory 30 Readings
Validation Clinical Validation
Can Measure Weight Yes
Body Fat Yes
Skeletal Muscle Yes
Visceral Fat Yes
Number of Users 4
Guest Mode Yes
Maximum Weight 150
Item dimensions (mm): 285 x 280 x 28

Product benefits

See the full picture

Using an OMRON connected blood pressure monitor, in conjunction with measuring your body composition, can help you better understand your cardiovascular health and take action in time.

Product benefits

Obesity beyond what you see

You don’t have to be overweight to put your heart at risk. Even when your weight and BMI are within normal range you may be at the same risk, if your Body Fat % and Visceral Fat level are too high.

Product benefits

Know your caloric needs

Metabolism naturally slows down with age. Maintain your body shape easier by knowing your necessary caloric intake and following a healthy diet with proper portions.

Product benefits

Accurate insights for a stronger body

Keeping healthy muscle mass despite aging can help you lower your blood pressure and manage your fat levels. Build up or maintain your muscular strength to make your body stronger and healthier.

Product benefits

Always ready. Just step on.

Automatic User Recognition function with 4 users + Guest option, 4 seconds fast reading, Auto ON/OFF function and large LCD display, makes an easy partner in your journey to a better health.

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