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Nebulisers, Wheeze Detector and Oximeter

3 years of warranty

DuoBaby is a unique 2in1 compressor nebulizer with integrated nasal aspirator that can help treat the most common respiratory conditions of babies.

Device Type Compressor Nebuliser with Nasal Aspirator
Weight of Device 1.7
Nebulisation Rate Green inhalation top: 0.4 ml/min. Blue inhalation top: 0.2 ml/min.
Particle Size Green inhalation top: 9.3 μm. Blue inhalation top: 3.9 μm
Medication Capacity 1-12 ml
Mains Operation Yes
Operating Volume 63 dB
Storage No
Connected No
Mains Supply No
Age of User Baby
Item dimensions (mm): 170 x 280 x 105

Product benefits

Especially for babies

DuoBaby is specially developed for babies to help them to breath freely and recover faster from respiratory conditions.¹

2-in-1 solution

Thanks to its double function of nasal aspirator and nebuliser, DuoBaby helps you to keep your baby’s nose clean and healthy and to let your baby breathe better.

Gently clears the nose

The nasal aspirator gently cleans the baby’s nose, reducing congestion and allowing them to breathe freely.

Improves treatment efficiency

The nebuliser helps to efficiently deliver medication to the upper and lower airways thanks to two inhalation tops.


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Features and cautions

  • 2in1 nebulizer and nasal aspirator for babies.

  • The nasal aspirator helps to reduce nasal congestion and the risk of respiratory infections(1).

  • The nebulizer enables efficient delivery of medication for treating upper and lower airways conditions.  

  • Easy to use and hygienic.

  • The aspirator is fully washable with no need for antibacterial filters.

1 Chirico G et al. Minerva Pediatrica 2014; 66 (6): 549-57


3 years after date of delivery in accordance with the Warranty Card or the Instruction Manual inside the product packaging.

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